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Strongboxes KP with Deposit Rotary Drum WBX3





They have a certificate of compliance with the European standard EN 1143-2, grade D-II and EN 1143-2, grade II.

These are devices with high resistance to breaking which are connected with deposit system which allows you to deposit a large amount of packages.

This is an excellent solution for the secure management of cash turnover in enterprises where is a large turnover of cash.

Designed for the safe deposit of cash, securities, documents and other valuables without opening the box.

Deposit drum construction enables easy depositing money and protects the contents of strongbox before removing the deposits.

This product allows you to depositing cash / packages by many people while limiting access to content only for authorized persons.

In view of  high resistance to breaking in these safes you can store values up to 180 the national average salary without supervision (even at night).

Multi-layer construction, the thickness of the body 80 mm, door thickness 160 mm.

The locking system consists of four movable horizontal bolts and one constant profiled bolt over the entire height of the door to protect them from opening after cutting off hinges.

Right-hand door are protruding slightly beyond the outline of the strongbox, door opening angle of 205o, external hinges.

Konsmetal strongboxes are painted with durable powder paint in standard color RAL 7035 light gray.

It is necessary to fixed to the ground.

 Name Dimensions external (mm.) Weight (kg.) Shelves (pcs)
 KP100+WBX3/II 1000 580 570 190 1
 KP120+WBX3/II 1200 204 2
 KP150+WBX3/II 1500 247 3



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