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Konsmetal-Poltrezor company invites you to get acquainted with our offer which presents various types of mechanical devices used to protect documents and values.


Office safes

 Our offer includes various types of office safesdeposit safesgun safes. Are certified against intrusion from grade S1 to grade II. Depending on the grade in safes can store values from 12 to 180 average national salary

(Applies to Polish. In other countries these limits can be different); office safe, grade I, grade II, fireproof office safe.


Office safes SL67 grade I

Office safes grade II

Fireproof office safes


Home safes and furniture safes

 Freestanding furniture safes, build-in safes and wall safes. Security level grade S1 according to PN EN 14450. Useful as office safes and home safes. Safes have certificate for storing weapon. In products with certificate grade S1 can be stored up to 12 average national salary.


Furniture safes

Home safes

Wall safes


Teller safes, multi-safes, deposit safes

 Safes for deposit cash in the point of sales. Especially useful for gas stations, restaurants, shops - everywhere where is a high turnover of cash. In these devices the cash is deposited without opening the safe



Teller safes with drawer

Safes with drop slot



 Strongboxes are made in burglary resistance grade from II to VIII and weight from 90 to 2000 kg. The higher the class, the product is more resistant to burglary. Strongboxes are devices with the highest resistance to intrusion attempt available on the market.


Grade II

Grade III

Grade V


Metal cabinets, armored cabinets

 Metal cabinets are produce with a view to various purposes, there are a huge selection: to store various documents and classified materials. Certified according to criteria of Council of Ministers and the Ministry of National Defence. Single and double door cabinets. Cabinets for personal files and "secret" and "top secret” documents.

Metal office cabinet

Cabinets for personal files

Armored cabinets


Cabinets for weapons

 Long weapon safes are available in two classes of resistance to burglary; in class S1 according to EN 14450, 2006 and in class I in EN 1143-1 standard in a dozen or so arrangements of equipment. Capacity of safes from 2 to 14 pieces of weapons. Variety of equipment; Handles for fixed and removable weapons, shelves, pockets.

Safes grade S1 for 6 guns.

Safes grade S1 for 10 guns.

Safes grade I for 14 guns


Fireproof cabinets and fire protection safes

 Fireproof cabinets for paper documents as well for magnetic and optical storage media during a fire. Resistance to fire 120 minutes.

 Fireproof safes are used everywhere where is need protection against burglary and protection against destruction in case of fire. Fire resistance 60 minutes

Fireproof safes grade I

Safes fireproof for media

Fireproof cabinet


Filing cabinets

 Metal filing cabinets - to store documents in the form of filing in the hanging files.

 Fireproof filing cabinets - for files A4 size, hanging files for documents and other items that require protection against fire. 

Cabinet for 1 row of filing

Cabinet for 2 rows of filing

Fireproof filing cabinets


Security doors

  Security doors for special compartments, houses and apartments, as internal or external door.

 Office security doors – for “secret” and “top secret” offices

 Armory doors

 Fireproof security doors

Home security doors

Office security doors

Armory doors


Bank strongrooms and their equipment

  Safe deposit lockers for banks and hotels

 Night safe and transfer strongboxes; used to safely deposit value without a cashier around the clock.

 Modular bank strongrooms are formed from prefabricated walls, floor, ceiling and vault doors for installation in existing buildings. Grade V, VI, IX, XI

Strongroom made of prefabricated elements

Safe deposit lockers



Metal cabinet # 1.0 mm

Metal cabinet # 3.0 mm


Furniture safe.

Grade I safe.


Fireproof home safes.

Koliber home safe.


For weapons.



Cashier's safe.

Deposit safes.


Specialized doors.