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Office safes grade II







Sejf biurowy
Safe SG 62-E

Sejf gabinetowy
Safe SG 100-SK

Safe SG 120-K

Safe SG 150-K

 This modern product is the result of many years of experience and research, including host of innovative features. Safes' bodies are multi-layer structure. The door is also a multi-layer construction, with inner rib-like reinforcement, locking system blocked at four edges, four bolts side and two vertical with a diameter of 28 mm. From the hinge side there is a fixed bolt over the entire height of the door, preventing from broken away door after the destruction of the hinges. The bolt system is equipped with the blockade that activate with attempt of burglary. Bolting system is locked with key lock grade A as standard. There a possibility of changing into electronic or mechanical combination lock or mounting any two locks.

 Locks are protected with a cover made of steel of the highest quality

 There is possibility of attaching safes to the floor  

 Safes are fully protected against corrosion and are painted in light grey no 7035 or black no 9005 

 The interior of the safe is protected from dust, water and fire using the sealing system, which uses material enhances eight volume at high temperature.  
 Types of locks (possibility choice of one or two selected);

K - key lock, class A, 2  keys L 120mm
S - combination mechanical lock, class A
E - electronic lock, class B

 Safes are equipped with shelves with adjustable height as a standard

 Warranty 24 months

 Additional equipment: internal safe, bolts position sensor, shock detector, alarm installation


 Name  Dimensions external
Dimensions internal
Weight kg. Number of shelves
H w D H W D
 Safe SG 62         620 580 570 465 460 390 172 1
 Safe SG100        1000 257 2
 Safe SG120        1200 297 3
 Safe SG150        1500 388 4
 Safe SG180        1800 442


 Types of closures used in safes SG

key lock


key lock + electronic lock

key lock + combination lock 

electronic lock





Office safes

Deposit safes

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