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 KONSMETAL-POLTREZOR company offers strongboxes meet the requirements of grade II, III, IV, V, VI, VIII burglary resistance. These products are certified by the Institute of Precision Mechanics in Warsaw.

 In the KP strongboxes filling is a special concrete mix suitable for a given class. 
 The highest quality of strongboxes is also confirmed by specialized foreign institutions.

 Safes are equipped with locks

- key lock 

- combination  lock

- electronic lock

 Strongboxes are designed for storing important documents, values and other precious items.

 Additional equipment

- Internal box

- Additional shelves

- Shock sensors

- Bolts position sensors

All products are protected against corrosion and are painted with eco-friendly, structural powder coated - gray RAL 7035.

Safes KP standard grade II

 Body and doors are multi-layered structure with a special filling, body thickness 55 mm, door thickness 80 mm.

Enhanced locking system, four movable horizontal bolts, two movable vertical bolts, on the hinge side one profiled permanent bolt locking the door before opening after the destruction of the hinges.

The bolts system moved round handle.

Depending on your needs, the door may have a certified lock: key lock class A, mechanical combination lock class A or electronic lock class B. Possible to install any two locks.

In contour of the door is used thresholds to prevent access to bolts which form system of fire protection thresholds.

In standard right-hand door (possible left-hand door), external hinges, opening angle 200 °.

Catalog card  

Name Dimensions external (mm) Dimensions internal (mm) Weight  (kg.) Capacity   (dm3) Shelves  (pcs)
 KP67/II     670 500 495 560 390 361 100 79


 KP100/II   1000 890 130 125 2
 KP120/II   1200 1090 177 160 3
 KP150/II   1500 1390 247 195


Strongboxes KP standard grade V and VI

 Strongboxes KP grade V are characterized by a high degree of protection of their content.

 Designed for secure storage of cash, checks, bills of exchange, securities, documents and other important and valuable items.

 Most often used in the cash rooms companies and financial institutions. The most popular in Outpost Bank.

 Certificated in accordance with PN-EN 1143-1:2006 and the Technical Criteria KT/101/IMP/2004 (6) as safes / cabinets for weapons and ammunition.

 Multi layer construction of the wall and body filled with concrete mix; armor thickness of 80 mm, 145 mm door thickness.

 Bolt system consists of 4 movable horizontal bolts, 2 or 4 bolts moving vertical and 4 horizontal bolts permanently. This system protects against removing the door after cutting off external hinges. Eject bolts is activated round handle.

 Between the body and the door is a system of fireproof thresholds and blocking access for burglary.

 Bolts are blocked with two locks class B: key lock and combination lock or electronic lock.

 Standard right door, external hinges, door opening angle approximately 200 °


Name Dimensions external (mm) Dimensions internal (mm)

Weight (kg.)

H W D H W D grade V grade VI dcm2
 KP67        670 680 685 460 500 400 607 660 92
 KP100      1000 790 785 830


 KP120 1200 990 985 1047 198
 KP150      1500 1290 1195 1267 258
 KPP120 1200 800 775 990 640 490 - 1240 310
 KPP150 1500 1290 - 1450 405
 KPP180   1800 1590 - 1625 530


Strongboxes KP standard grade VIII


Name Dimensions external (mm) Dimensions internal (mm) Weight   (kg.) Capacity   (dm3) Shelves  (pcs)
 KP120/VIII  1200 780 765 960 530 460 1420 234 3
 KP150/VIII  1500 1260 1700 307
 KP180/VIII  1800 1560 1950 380 4


Safes grade KP/PRO grade II-IV

They are used to store cash, checks, promissory notes, securities, and other important documents and valuables as well as weapons and ammunition.

Strongboxes KP/PRO Konsmetal production are characterized by a high degree of protection of their content. They have certificate grade III burglary resistance according to PN-EN 1143-1

They are certified as cabinets for weapons and ammunition in accordance with the technical criteria KT/101/IMP/2004 (6).

Multi-layer construction body and wall, body thickness 45 mm, door thickness of 110 mm.

This bolting system has four movable horizontal bolts and four fixed horizontal bolts. Bolt system secures the door before opening after cutting off the hinges. Bolts are activated by means of a circular handle. Between the door and the body are located thresholds that might prevent access to the bolts, as well as forming a system of fireproof thresholds.

Depending on the needs of the user strongboxes can be equipped with high-quality certified lock: key lock class B or electronic lock class B. Possible to install any two locks.

External hinges, right-hand door opening angle 210o, the doors are leveled with the strongboxes body.


Name Dimensions external 
Dimensions internal 
Weight (kg.) Capacity (dcm3) Shelves  (pcs.)







 KP 62 PRO 620 580 570 460 420 340 157 231 252 66 1
 KP 85 PRO 850 690 - - 329 99
 KP 100 PRO 1000 840 257 342 374 120 2
 KP 120 PRO 1200 1040 - - 419 149 3
 KP 150 PRO 1500 1340 388 484 535 191 4
 KP 180 PRO 1800 1640 442 563 626 231




Metal cabinet # 1.0 mm

Metal cabinet # 3.0 mm


Furniture safe.

Grade I safe.


Fireproof home safes.

Koliber home safe.


For weapons.



Cashier's safe.

Deposit safes.


Specialized doors.