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Teller safes with drawer




Sejf LS 67+
SL 67+/I - E


 Used to deposit cash, important documents or checks without opening the safe.
 We offer a safe, which meet the requirements of class S1 and Class I burglar resistance confirmed with certificates Institute of Precision Mechanics.
 Regardless of the model all the drawers have a pocket on deposits and after closing the drawer deposit falls into the safe. The drawer is locked with a key lock, class A –2 keys L 65 mm.
 They are used in shops and petrol stations. Useful where there is a turnover of cash and need to deposit cash in a safe place.

 Close the door may be one key lock, mechanical or electronic lock.
 Safes SL67+ grade I.  The drawer has a place on the cassette with compartments for banknotes and a compartments for coins. In the rear portion of the drawer is slot 20 x 300 mm. In safe can deposit objects with maximum dimensions of 20 x 100 x 300 mm.

 Safes ML+/S1 grade S1. Drawer slot is equipped only with a pocket for deposits with maximum dimensions of 170 x 110 x 35 mm, the drawer can be placed in the front, side or back of the safe.

 Safes should be fixed to the ground, for this purpose, in the bottom are made two holes. On request, we can make additional holes in the rear or side.
 The base color is gray RAL 7035, on request black color RAL 9005 which is also standard color.
 Warranty 24 months.

Parameters of safes

 Name Dimensions external (mm) Weight kg. Number of shelves
Safes ML+/S1 grade S1
 ML 45+/S1 450 400 440 51 1
 ML 67+/S1 670 65
Safes SL+/I grade I
 SL 67+/I 670 490 440 150 1
 SLP 67+/I 640 182 1





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