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Weapon depot doors


Door with padlock

Door with steel bar with padlock

Weapon depot doors are produced according to individual dimensions. The door leaf consists of a welded frame reinforced with cold formed u-bars, the space between the profiles is filled with insulating material. Frame covered with two sheets of steel sheet: the inner side thickness of 1.5 mm , the outer side of 2.0 mm. Outer side of the door can be enhanced additional sheet of steel sheet with a thickness of 3 mm, forming a double layer coat with thickness of 5 mm.

The door leaves on all edges have gaskets. Doors are hung on three hinges with a diameter of 22 mm. Door frame is made of cold-bent U-shaped or angular profile. Protection from the hinge side are three anti-prizing blockades. Standard equipped with a threshold height of 20 mm.

Weapon depot doors can be used as internal or external, open to the outside or the inside of the room. Weapon depot doors can be used as internal or external, open to the outside or the inside of the room. Meet the requirements of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of 6 August 1998 on the rules for armaments specialist armed protection formations, storage conditions and record keeping of weapons and ammunition. Journal of Laws No. 113, item. 730 of 1998 and the requirements of the Instructions for the Protection of Military Objects, Signature of General Staff Polish Military No. 1569/2004 regarding the weapon depot doors.

Technical characteristics:

- Central lock class C

- Protective sealing

- Leaf weight approximately 58 kg/m2

 Doors can be finished in four types of surface:

- Powder coated in any color from the RAL palette

- PVC woodlike veneer

- Decorated with MDF (6 or 10 mm)

- Decorated oak veneer (6 or 10 mm)

Additional equipments:

- Single leaf or double leaf door

- Additional lock

- Additional steel bar with padlock   

- Possibility to making in a fireproof version with fire resistance EI60

- Additional sheet of steel sheet with a thickness of 3 mm under the sheet 2 mm from the outer


- Resistance to burglary - class C according to PN-90/B-92270

- Resistance to burglary - class 4 according to PN-ENV 1627:2006

- Resistance to multiple opening and closing - class 6 according to PN-EN 12400:2004

- Resistance to wind load - class 5C according to PN-EN 12210: 2001

- Resistance to corrosion - category C3 according to PN-EN ISO 12944-2: 2001

- Waterproof - class 3A according to PN-EN 12208: 2001

- Sound insulation - Rw = 40 dB according to PN-EN ISO 717-1: 1999

- Thermal transmittance – 2,2 UW (W/m2 x K) according to PN-EN ISO 10077-1:2007

- Air permeability - class 4 according to PN-EN 12207: 2001


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