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Office safes SL grade I







SL 45-EM

Sejfy gabinetowe

SL 67-SK



SL 100 -EM+K

SL 150 - EK


 Innovate burglar construction, IMP certificate in class I according to PN EN 1143. These safes can store values to 120 average national salary.

 Used as home safes, office safes and safes for gun
 Aesthetic new design
 One or two certified locks, dual protection locks
 Multi-layer construction
 Thickness of the outer layer of the door 8 mm in safes SL, door opening angle 90o

 Locking system at the top, bottom and side door, bolts diameter of 30 mm, from the side of the hinge bolt constant over the entire height of the door
 Ability to install bolts position sensor, shock sensor and the cable alarm system.

 Safes should be fixed to the ground, for this purpose in the body are made the mounting holes. There is a possibility of performing additional mounting holes in the rear or side wall

 Corrosion protection, painting of structural organic paint in colors light gray RAL 7035 and black RAL 9005

 Types of locks

     - key lock

     - mechanical combination lock

     - electronic lock  

     - any two locks

Parameters of safes SL


Name Dimensions external (mm) Dimensions internal (mm) Weight kg. Capacity dm3 Number o shelves
 SL 30/I      300 490 460 198 388 315 66 24 -
 SL 45/I      450 348 87 42 1
 SL 67/I      670 568 115 68
 SL 85/I 850 748 137 91
 SL 100/I    1000 898 157 107 2
 SL 120/I 1200 1098 180 134 3
 SL 150/I 1500 1398 220 160



Metal cabinet # 1.0 mm

Metal cabinet # 3.0 mm


Furniture safe.

Grade I safe.


Fireproof home safes.

Koliber home safe.


For weapons.



Cashier's safe.

Deposit safes.


Specialized doors.