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Bank and hotel safe deposit lockers

The hotel's set of safe deposit boxes



Example model's of deposit boxes

SD 6S - K

Stainless Steel

SD 24M - KK


Cassette for SD 24

Cassette for SD 12


 SD Safe deposit lockers are used to store in the areas bank and hotel receptions items requiring special protection: 

- valuables 

- securities 

- objects of art

- manufactured in a modular system with dimensions 920 x 635 x 430 mm / H x W x  D. / having from 2 to 24 lockers

- different sizes of lockers allows you to optimize the configuration of the set.

- every module is made of sheet steel with a thickness of 2 mm. lockers doors are made of steel with a thickness of 3 mm.

- lockers module can be placed directly on the floor or on a pedestal for convenient use of lockers lowest located.

- box can be set in the column on the two modules. Between the modules can be placed retractable table.

- doors have a strong internal hinges.

- closed with key locks - lock has two different keys (interdependent lock). User have one key and second key have a person who has custody on lockers.

- inside the locker / depending on model / are removable cassette.

- standard performance:

- doors painted in aluminum (symbol M) or covered with stainless steel (symbol S)

- body powder painted in black RAL 9005.

- on the special order locker can be in other colors 


Module Number of lockers (pcs.)  Locker height  (mm.)
 SD 24     24 72
 SD 12     12 146
 SD 8       8 220
 SD 6       6 294
 SD 4 4 442
 SD 2 2 886




Metal cabinet # 1.0 mm

Metal cabinet # 3.0 mm


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Grade I safe.


Fireproof home safes.

Koliber home safe.


For weapons.



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