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Drop slot safes, grade S1


Deposit safes with drop slot 

 Burglar resistance in class S1 according to PN-EN 14450 

 They are used to depositing and store money to the value of 12 national salary averages.

 The deposit is inserted:

- in the safes with a drop slot from the side or from behind by a hole height of 30 mm and a width of 170 mm, and after a light pushing deposit falls into the safe.

- in safes with drop slot from top by a hole with dimensions 15 x 100 mm.

 Drop slot is locked by key lock grade A.

 Door of safe closed with a key lock grade A, combination mechanical lock grade A or electronic lock grade B. In models MLW 80 and MLW 100 can be used any 2 locks.

 In the bottom of the safe are 2 mounting holes to the ground.

 Standard color light gray RAL 7035 and black RAL 9005.






Name of produkt Dimensjons (mm). Weight kg. Capacity. dm3
 Deposit safe K45/15"/S1 450 400 370 35 56
 Deposit safe K45/17"/S1 490 46 69
 Deposit safe K62/17"/S1 620 51 95
 Deposit safe MLW 45/S1 450 400 440 41 60
 Deposit safe MLW 67/S1 670 56 90
 Deposit safe MLW100/S1 1000 490 84 166


Side/rear hole  

 If you need to deposit larger packages, please visit page “Safes with rotary drum”. There we present models of deposit safes for packets with maximum dimensions of 55 x 225 x 140 mm.



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