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Wall safes, grade S1


 KSN 20/S1-K

KSN 35/S1-K



KSN 35/S1-EM

KSN 45/S1-EM


 Offered by our company wall safes are made in accordance with European standards, they are functional and aesthetic. They are used to store values and weapons, they have a certificate that allows you to keep guns

 Strengthened door panel thickness of 5 mm with an additional cover and lock bolt mechanism ensures highest safety standards;

 Door closed by of these locks:

- key lock

- electronic lock

 Moving solid bolts with a diameter of 20 mm

 The lock is additionally protected against drilling

 Internal hinges

 Door opening angle of 90o

 Safes are painted with structural powder coating in gray or black

 Warranty 24 months


 Name Dimensions external (mm) Dimensions internal (mm) Weight  (kg.) Capacity   (dm3) Shelves (pcs)
 KSN 20/S1 274 384 194 194 304 130 13 8 0
 KSN 35/S1 424 344 16 14 1
 KSN 45-Laptop17˝/S1 524 560 384 444 490 320 33 70




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