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Furniture safes grade S1

We have two types of furniture safes, grade S1– safes ML and safes Koliber

Furniture safes ML grade S1

  Designed to store bills, checks, documents. Safes are certified for the possibility of storing weapons.

Meet the requirements of Class S1 burglary resistance according to European standards confirmed by a certificate issued by Institute of Precision Mechanics

The door of modern construction with a thickness of 60 mm, equipped with high quality and certificated locks: key or electronic or mechanical combination

Suitable for fixing to the ground

Optionaly equipped with the inner box (ML67 and ML 100)






ML 30/S1-K
ML 30/S1-K


Sejf meblowy
ML 100/S1-EM


Parameters of safes ML

Name of product Dimensjons [mm] Weight  kg. Number of shelves
 ML 30/S1 300 400 410 30 0
 ML 45/S1 450 440 41 1
 ML 67/S1 670 56
 ML 100/S1 1000 490 84 2


Furniture safes Koliber

 They have the IMP certificate:

- Safe for weapons

- Safe for 12 average national salary

 Safes for home and office

 Single-layer body construction with high resistance burglary resistance

 Bolt system and door lock are protected by a special design of the door

 Equipped with certified locks

 Suitable for installation in furniture, walls and furniture built-in wardrobes

Suitable for attaching to the ground

- Shelves with adjustable height suspension

- Warranty 24 months

 Clear width open door

- 290 mm for Koliber Laptop 15 "

- 380 mm for Koliber Laptop 17 "

 Types of locks:

K – key lock, class A (2 keys, L 95 mm)

E – electronic lock, class B

 Painting - structure powder paint, light gray or black

 For safe Koliber 35 shelves are in the option


Koliber 20 - K

Sejf Koliber 20 - E
Koliber 20 - E

Koliber 35 - K

Koliber 35 - E

Koliber Laptop 45 - E

Koliber Laptop 62 - K


Parameters of safes Koliber

Name of produkt Dimensjons (mm) Weight Capacity Number of shelves
H W D kg. dcm3. pcs.
 Koliber 16/S1 160 310 180 10 6 0
 Koliber 20/S1 200 200 12 9
 Koliber 35/S1 350 280 22 31 in option
 Koliber 45 Laptop15˝ 450 400 370 35 56 1
 Koliber 20 Laptop17˝ 200 490 21 30 0
 Koliber 26 Laptop17˝ 260 27 39
 Koliber 45 Laptop17˝ 450 38 69 1
 Koliber 62 Laptop17˝ 620 51 95



Koliber STRONG and PREMIUM safes.

It is a more durable version of the safes presented above.
Safe’s door is equipped with a grade B electronic lock. When the safe door is closed the movable bolts on the lock side (2 or 4 bolts depending on the safe model) are blocked and the outer coat of the door is hidden in the body of the safe. This solution creates a permanent locking of the door in the closed position along the entire height of the door.
Designed for installation in furniture, walls and built-in furniture recesses
Adapted to be attached to the ground
- shelves with adjustable suspension height
- 24-month warranty.

Laptop safes are wide in the light of an open door;

- 290 mm for Koliber Laptop 15 "
- 380 mm for Koliber Laptop 17 ".
STRONG safes are painted with structural powder paint in light gray colour RAL 7035 or black colour RAL 9005. Products are equipped with a round metal handle, a made of stainless plate and an AL3020 lock keyboard.

Koliber PREMIUM safes are painted with high gloss varnishes in the following colors: red RAL 3020, white RAL 9003 and black RAL 9005. These safes are made in two styles: "CHROM" and "GOLD". The styling determines the color of the decorative plate, the color of the keyboard side cover and the color of the bolts. Safes has double protection against drilling through the lock and bolts.



Sejf Koliber 26 Strong

Koliber 26 STRONG 17"


Sejf Koliber 1STRONG 15"

Koliber 45 STRONG 15"


Sejf Koliber 20 Laptop CHROM

Koliber 20 PREMIUM 15"


Safe Koliber 62 PREMIUM CHROME

Koliber 62 PREMIUM 17"

Parameters of the Koliber STRONG and Koliber PREMIUM safes

 Name of produkt Dimensjons (mm) Weight Capacity Number of shelves Go to the shop.


H W D kg. dcm3. pcs. STRONG PREMIUM
 Koliber 20 STRONG/PREMIUM 15˝ 200 490 370 24 29 0 Shop now Shop now
 Koliber 26 STRONG/PREMIUM 17˝ 260 27 37
 Koliber 45 STRONG/PREMIUM 15˝ 450 400 35 52 1
 Koliber 45 STRONG/PREMIUM 17˝ 450 490 40 64
 Koliber 62 STRONG/PREMIUM 17˝ 620 50 89


Below we present the views of the closures used in the KONSMETAL.

STRONG closure

CHROM closure

Widok zamknięcia stosowanego w sejfach Koliber Laptop GOLD.

GOLD closure



Metal cabinet # 1.0 mm

Metal cabinet # 3.0 mm


Furniture safe.

Grade I safe.


Fireproof home safes.

Koliber home safe.


For weapons.



Cashier's safe.

Deposit safes.


Specialized doors.