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Metal cabinets for clothes





 Each chamber in the cabinet is equipped with a plastic bar, clothes hooks, towel hook, mirror and self adhesive plastic business card holder. Cabinet door with a modern design perforation. Clearance between inner shelf and the top of the cabinet 300 mm. All the elements of the cabinet made of steel sheet of 0.5 mm. Standard color (default) is the color of light gray RAL 7035.

 As additional equipment is provided: base with a seat under cabinet height 405 mm.

 A single base allows you to set cabinet in a row. Double base allows you to set cabinets the rear walls to each other. The seat is made of three strips of wood, painted with clear varnish or plastic strips (especially recommended for swimming pools and other wet rooms). For some cabinets we have also a very practical pull-out basis - allow you to save space in the dressing room (bench does not take place in the room, because it is slides up under the cabinet). Base frame is made of rectangular profile. Base footers are equipped with height adjusters.

 Feet height 140 mm.

 Slanted roofs

 Name External dimensions (mm)
Single-door BHP cabinets
 BHP 1K/1D - A  1800 300 500
 BHP 1K/1D - B  400
Two-door BHP cabinets
 BHP 2K/2D - A  1800 600 500
 BHP 2K/2D - B  800
Three-door BHP cabinets
 BHP 3K/3D - A  1800 900 500
 BHP 3K/3D - B  1200
Four-door BHP cabinets
 BHP 4K/4D - A 1800 1200 500
Cabinets with doors in the shape of the letter "L"
 BHP 1K/2DL - B  1800 400 500
 BHP 2K/4DL - B  800



Standard color palette. The default color is gray RAL 7035.


RAL 7035

Light grey 

RAL 1015

Light ivory (beige)

RAL 9010

Pure white

RAL 3005

Wine red


RAL 8016

Mahogany brown

RAL 9005

Jet black

RAL 302

Carmine red

RAL 5010

Gentian blue


RAL 5012

Light blue

RAL 2004

Pure orange

RAL 6011

Reseda green

RAL 7016

Anthracite grey


RAL 7032

Pebble grey

RAL 1023

Traffic yellow

RAL 6033

Mint turquoise

RAL 5018

Turquoise blue



Metal cabinet # 1.0 mm

Metal cabinet # 3.0 mm


Furniture safe.

Grade I safe.


Fireproof home safes.

Koliber home safe.


For weapons.



Cashier's safe.

Deposit safes.


Specialized doors.