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Office safes grade S2 – ML STRONG

Strong ML 45/S2
Strong ML 67/S2


 ML STRONG is a lightweight safes for use in the office and as a safes home. Comfortable rounded retractable handle significantly increases comfort of use a safe. In these models were used: self-locking system that locks the bolts while trying to burglary.

 Suitable for storing documents, jewelry, guns, ammunition, accessories related to firearms and other important and valuable items.

 Suitable for installation in furniture, furniture alcoves and fitted as office safes

 They have:

- certificate grade S2 according to PN-EN 14450:2006

- certified for use as a safes for gun according technical criteria IMP-KT/101/IMP:2008,

- certificate for storing of classified documents by the Council of Ministers of 29 May 2012 (type 3 after using the lock type 3) 

 Double-layer construction with high resistance to burglary (external layer of steel sheet thickness of 3 mm, internal layer of steel sheet thickness of 1,5 mm).

 Front plate doors made of steel sheet thickness of 5 mm.

 Right-hand door (left-hand door optional), internal hinges, door opening angle 900.

 Door locking with movable bolts with a diameter of 30 mm, the number of bolts depending on the size of the safe.

 Suitable for mounting to the floor.

 Konsmetal company guarantee trouble-free functioning the safe period of 24 months.

 Standard lock is an electronic lock class B.

 Metal shelves durability of 50 kg with height adjustable suspension.

 2 mounting holes in the bottom to allow attachment of the safe.

 Additional equipment:

 Steel anchors to attach to the ground.

 Additional lock: key, combination or electronic only for ML 100. 

 Standard color:

 Black RAL 9005 in high gloss lacquer.


Internal dimensions (mm)

Model External dimensions (mm) Internal dimensions (mm) Weight (kg.) Capacity (dm3.)
 ML STRONG 30/S2    300 400 400 200 300 245 40 15
 ML STRONG 45/S2    450 460 350 305 57 32
 ML STRONG 67/S2    670 570 74 52
 ML STRONG 100/S2  1000 490 900 390 110 107




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