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Multi-safe with 3 drawers 

Multi-safe with 4 drawers

Multi-safe with 6 drawers 


 Multisafes KONSMETAL are antiparoxysmal device dedicated for cashier position / POS (Point Of Selling).

 Multisafes are a anti-burglary devices designed for equipping cash position.

 They have mechanical night blocade

 Access to the drawers possible after removing the lock night and logging cashier by entering the correct PIN.

 Solid body and electronically controlled access to drawers guarantee the safety of deposited values, corresponding to the grade S2 according to EN 14450 and grade I according to EN 1143.

 Multisafes are mounted most often under the cashier table.

 In our offer are single-user multisafes.

 These products hale 3, 4 or 6 drawers;

- the upper drawer (first) is operational drawer equipped with a tray with compartments for banknotes and slots for coins.

- central drawers are deposit drawers (for documents, cashier accessories, etc.)

- last drawer is a drawer with slot. Is opened in two steps: Step 1 - when it is unlocked appear slots to deposit banknotes. Each slot is dedicated for other banknotes. Step 2 – completely unlocked drawer allows you to get full access to remove its contents. In the drawer you can place deposit drop cassette.

 In order to correctly identify the necessary electronic functions and the selection of the necessary equipment, please complete the configurator, save it in PDF format and send it to us by e-mail. Configurator you can also sent by fax.

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 Model  Class Dimensions external (mm) Weight (kg.)
 Multi-safe with 3 drawers XS/S2 S2 655 520 540 130
 Multi-safe with 4 drawers XS/S2 135
 Multi-safe with 6 drawers XS/S2 145
 Multi-safe with 3 drawers XS/I I 160
 Multi-safe with 4 drawers XS/I 165
 Multi-safe with 6 drawers XS/I 175



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